Branding and Strategic Communications

Telling your story so it resonates is one of the most challenging, and important, tasks for any non-profit organization. What sets you apart? What words will inspire? What images will keep people engaged? How can we motivate action? Which channels should you use, and when?

Rosenfield Consulting helps you understand your differentiator, your dimension in the philanthropic landscape. We select the very best talent for every client engagement from a vast network of creative professionals to communicate in a clear, compelling, and engaging way.

Implementation Strategies

  • Determine Strategic Messaging
  • Training Leaders in Effective Message Delivery
  • Imagining and Executing Kick-off, Fundraising, Friend-raising, and Celebratory Events
  • Advising, Coaching, and Executing Digital Marketing Strategies
  • Securing Media Coverage
  • Producing Content in Multiple Formats

Communication Capabilities

  • Branding
  • Case for Giving
  • Collateral Material
  • Media Relations
  • Social Media
  • Video Production
  • Website Development

"Penn State, one of the paramount Hillels worldwide, was the only Big 10 without its own building. Lee very successfully maneuvered our Board of Directors, friends, alumni and supporters in the appropriate direction to commence a capital campaign. I truly appreciate relying on his fundraising consulting talents to assure the foundation for the future successful leadership of Penn State Hillel among all Hillels everywhere."